Strategic Planning

Clear strategic thinking and planning are the first steps for any successful enterprise. A focused mission and vision, foundational understanding of the market, practical business approaches, and a solid infrastructure to support those efforts will enable your organization to reach its goals. Straight Path provides customized solutions, based on its wide range of expertise, that improve your business and firmly place you on the road to success.


We work with our clients to establish fresh strategies through a comprehensive process that identifies, builds, and leverages core competencies into unique market positions. Straight Path has helped its clients to successfully achieve their goals – and we can do the same for you, with:


  • Comprehensive market and competitive analysis

  • Systematic and objective analysis of your organization's capabilities and core competencies

  • Customized strategic planning processes

  • Creative ideas that go well beyond conventional thinking

  • Clear positioning and growth strategies

  • Facilitation of strategy discussions among senior management and boards

  • Business plans to map growth and attract new funding

  • Implementation processes, ensuring that the agreed-upon strategy is executed in a timely, seamless manner

  • Clear performance metrics, to assure accountability and timeliness of implementation


Straight Path’s approach is geared toward one goal: effecting the desired change in our clients’ performance. Our approach is comprehensive and objective, clear and understandable, as well as results-oriented and valuable. The company’s business acumen and proven methodology can be seen in our many client testimonials.


Marketing & Brand


Excellent marketing and brand strategy always flow directly from an organization's overall strategic plan (following the above description) and as such generally follows this initial piece of work.


When an organization feels secure and confident in this overall strategy, the branding and marketing may then be addressed and given the best chance of fluid integration with their vision, mission, and values. Should an organization desire to move straight into this secondary strategy, we would begin with an assessment of their overarching vision and values and confirm buy-in at the macro level before moving on. This method of first solidifying the strategic foundation of an organization is unusually unique in the world of branding.


From this foundation, Straight Path then builds a Brand Book for your company, including but not limited to:


  • Summary findings from the strategic analysis of the brand (as well as refining the list of your organization's needs and goals)

  • Guidelines for best practice deploying the brand moving forward (customized based on those findings and oriented toward your organization's core competencies)

  • Comprehensive guidelines for Asset Usage (rules for logo usage, a custom palette, specific typography and case-by-case usage, photography guidelines, etc.)

  • Tone-of-voice parameters for public-facing copy/content


Most organizations have people in various departments developing and implementing marketing materials (whether in printed pieces, on a website, in social media, etc.). The Brand Book we produce will function as a reference to guide and streamline everyone's efforts and provide a framework for how to address your organization's stated needs and goals.


  • Community Foundations

  • Higher Education

  • Social Services

  • Healthcare

  • Consumer Goods

  • Media and Publishing

  • Telecom